Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition ‘Oil on the Edge’ of oil paintings by Tetsuo Mizu and Ayako Okuda.

Ayako Okuda delineates the boundaries between the ground and the sky in her paintings. There are many variations, such as ground and trees, mountains and sky, lakes and mountains, which are based on photographs of the countries and landscapes Okuda has ever visited. The matière which makes use of the layers of paints, is created during the production process, produces a captivating transparency and sereneness.

Tetsuo Mizu first paints black on the canvas, then draws boundary lines by scratching black paint with a sharp object. And he paints various colors on not to make boundary lines disappeared until the end. The combination of colors with exquisite contrasts is simple, yet influences each other in a good way. Similar colors are used in the paintings of flags, but there are no same colors are used in the paintings. In addition, each of his paintings has different impressions depending on the materials he paints on, and the methods of painting. Tetsuo Mizu’s works are dramatic, powerful, and truly stunning.

Their paintings have a thing in common that the boundaries are drawn.

We welcome you to come experience their works.

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