Alternative Selection -1 Ayako Okuda, Kouji Okuda, Nobuko Sugio


Kouichi Fine Arts presents an exhibition of the work of three artists: Ayako Okuda, Koji Okuda, and Nobuko Sugio.

by using her skills at depicting miniaturized figures, Ayako Okuda  expresses a unique worldview portraying herself small in the sceneries of her travels, or alternatively the sceneries as enlarged.

unleashing her imagination as she listens to everyday sounds, Nobuko Sugio lets her brush run free. At first she painted in monochrome, but now with rich shades of color.

Koji Okuda creates objets d’art with a 3D printer he made himself.  A display of cat motif pepper mills are the highlight of his exhibition here.

At this exhibition one can see the work of artists who create brilliant pieces but are not yet well known.