Ayako Okuda ‘Recent works’

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition of beautiful oil paintings by Ayako Okuda. Her cheerful paintings would make you feel hope during this difficult time with Coronavirus.  Ayako Okuda has been traveling around the world, and has painted the sceneries that she encountered during her travels, especially the light and shadows that shine through, with the motif

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Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an online exhibition of various artists on the theme of human figures. Mayumi Yamae’s painting has consistently represented women by borrowing the image of beautiful, scented, mysterious flowers, the soft wings of creatures that remind me of birds, and the fictitious collapse of tone. Mizu Tetsuo presents a work that expresses ‘Amedeo Modigliani’

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Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition ‘Monochrome’ from July 6 to 31. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is spreading everywhere. It is as if we’re walking on the edge of dark despair. If I were to compare it to a color, ‘despair’ would be dark, monochrome. This time, we purposely organized an exhibition of only monochrome work. Although the

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Oil on the Edge

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition ‘Oil on the Edge’ of oil paintings by Tetsuo Mizu and Ayako Okuda. Ayako Okuda delineates the boundaries between the ground and the sky in her paintings. There are many variations, such as ground and trees, mountains and sky, lakes and mountains, which are based on photographs of the countries and

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Japanism 5/8 – 5/24

We have an online exclusive exhibition ’Japanism’ of Japanese artists: Masayuki Nagare, Megumi Ito, Mari Kuroda and Takeshi Igawa on Artsy from 5/8 to 5/24. These four artists produce works that put an emphasis on the spirituality, technique, and space in the hearts of people from ancient Japan by using supports, materials, paints, material processing, etc. that contains a lot

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Notification of Holiday Hours

Best wishesfor the festive season and coming yearfrom all at Kouichi Fine Arts. Our gallery will resume business as usual from Friday 10 January 2020. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. The forthcoming exhibition will be ‘Inner Lights’ of Ricci Mondo opening on Saturday 25 January.

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Summer Room 8/19-31

Alternative Selection 2  – Summer Room – Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present ‘Summer Room’ Exhibition from August 19 to August 31.

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FIGURES 7/5 – 20

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition ’FIGURES’ of modern sculptures and arts. We’ll exhibit sculptures by Henry Moore, Lynn Chadwick and Giacomo Manzù, and two big aquatints by Joan Miró. We had an exhibition ‘Blonze and Stones’ of sculptures by Masayuki Nagare last year, on the other hand, this following exhibition is the one of focusing on

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Small Talk

Noriko Yamamoto, an artist based in Bremen, Germany, has participated in a group exhibition ’Small Talk’ at GALERIE KRAMER in Bremen, Germany. Please drop in it if you’re planning to visit Bremen during then.

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Mayumi Yamae ‘Scent of life’

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present Mayumi Yamae exhibition ’Scent of Life’ from April 8 – 20th. We’ll exhibit Mayumi Yamae’s new works, and the size of all works is 35 by 35cm and there is no exception since she challenged to express her art in the limited area. We invite you to come experience her beautiful oil paintings of flowers and seeds

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