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Tetsuo Mizù: Clarity in Color

2021.07.01 – 07.31

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to announce an exhibition of beautiful paintings by Tetsuo Mizu. Since the 1980s, Tetsuo Mizu has been invited to competitions in various places in Europe, and has been highly acclaimed for his success in the European art scene.

Through a long process of production, the artist Mizu has simplified the motif and form of his paintings and finally reduced them to a limited number of poetic elements. It seems that it is safe to declare that with these sign-like elements, he has reached a free stage where everything is expressed.
This is indeed an unsurpassed, original realm that Mizu is attempting to create in contemporary painting.

Ever exalting in abstraction, Mizu would continue to gain clarity in color and eventually a sense of eternity that would lead to a tonality reshuffling the various lines into a singular line or a simple, intensified form.