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Mayumi Yamae: Colors that Evoke the Season

2017.04.01 – 04.15

From April 1st to 15th, Kouichi Fine Arts presents, “Mayumi Yamae Exhibit: Colors that Evoke the Season.”

Drawing on the shapes of flowers from an imagined landscape, Yamae creates authentic and ladylike oil paintings. A thin veneer of paint provides a finishing touch to  an undercoating layered dozens of times. The image quality is almost like lacquerware- a breathtakingly beautiful oil painting. Residues such as fine brush deposits are painstakingly removed in the production process, resulting in a strikingly beautiful and high-quality masterpiece. Yamae has also contributed artwork for the book covers of writers such as Hitonari Tsuji and Masako Togawa.

This spring, Kouichi Fine Arts will have showcased four exhibitions of individual artists. In “Colors that Evoke the Season,” Mayumi Yamae fills the canvas with colors associated with spring. The works in this collection seem to be crying out for the season, and are thus named in this way. We invite you to come experience these works, and the feeling of a gentle, beautiful, flowerlike spring.