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Mayumi Yamae: First Blush

2020.11.04 – 11.21

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition ‘First Blush’ of oil paintings by Mayumi Yamae.

In the last exhibition, Mayumi Yamae exhibited works which she left some areas of canvas unpainted as an expression. In the previous exhibition, she showed only No. 5 square works, however, she painted bigger works in this exhibition.

She said that the unpainted area expresses “weathering”, and the screen is fused with delicate and delicate expressions to add new nuances, and the new sensibility that imagines weathering is beautiful. The astringent colors of her works give a sense of tension to the exhibition space, but there is no change in expressing women with the motif of flowers and birds. Beyond the canvas, it is a fun work that allows you to remember the image fo her expression forever while being in the viewer’s consciousness.