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Harmony - Peace

2013.04.08 – 04.27

“How would you express the idea of peace?”

Kouichi Fine Arts presents the work of 17 artists in “Exhibit: Harmony – Peace”. Recently we have seen terrorism-related international upheaval, territorial disputes, as well as natural disasters such as the massive earthquake here in Japan and hurricanes in the United States… Such heart-wrenching events have cast dark shadows throughout the contemporary world. Yet these are not distant occurrences or someone else’s problems—now, more than ever, we are connected by a yearning for security and peace in the world, and for a common sense of tranquility. With such thoughts in mind, I came to ask 17 artists for artwork inspired by the theme of “peace.”

Among the 17 artists who submitted work, one, Mr. Masayuki Nagare, is 90 years of age and continues to be active.  His signature work, “Fortress of Clouds,” was installed at the base of New York City’s World Trade Center,  and when the towers fell in the September 11th attacks the sculpture miraculously held its shape. I learned of this from a photo published in New York Magazine at the time. Later I learned, however, that within 24 hours after the attacks, the relief and recovery effort required that the work be removed from the site. Nagare subsequently created a homage to “Fortress of Clouds.”  In this exhibit, he brings us a miniature version of his masterpiece. This is the first time since 1999 that he showcases his work in Osaka.

The following  17 examples represent “peace” as depicted by each individual artist. Each one embodies a different sensibility towards peace, a different feeling, a different mode of expression. In other words, individualized depictions of peace by each of these 17 artists are featured. We welcome all to come experience  these works.


Participating Artists:
Nana ANDO, Takeshi IGAWA, Shinji OGAWA, Ayako OKUDA, Koji OKUDA, Kenji KUBOTA, Mari KURODA, Nobuko SUGIO, Takashi TANAKA, Masayuki NAGARE, Hiroaki HAMADA, Tetsuo MIZU, Hisako MORI, Hiromi YAMAUCHI, Mayumi YAMAE, Mayuka YAMAMOTO, Mimi YOKOO

Exhibit Period: April 8 (Mon) – 27 (Sat), 2013
Hours: Mondays –Fridays  11:00 -18:00 (Saturdays 11:00-17:00), Closed on Sundays and Holidays