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Igawa Takashi : Urushi

2023.05.08 – 05.20

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present the first solo exhibition in 11 years by Japanese lacquer artist Takeshi Igawa. Igawa is known for his exceptional skill in creating three-dimensional lacquer artworks using materials such as polyurethane and coconut leaves. He employs the traditional technique of applying multiple layers of lacquer and polishing them repeatedly to achieve a glossy finish that exudes a profound depth of luster. Igawa also takes advantage of the unique forms of palm leaves and wood to create smooth, flowing shapes that evoke the image of waves and the sea.

For his latest exhibition, Igawa has challenged himself to create a new series of works that showcase a different style from his previous pieces. He applied lacquer onto the textured surface of pine wood and deliberately preserved the natural texture of the wood, resulting in a series of artworks with intricate patterns and uneven surfaces. Igawa pieced together small pieces of pine wood with lacquer glue called “kokuso,” bending and curving the material to create unique forms that reflect the intrinsic beauty of the natural material.

According to Igawa, “the black of lacquer has the power to bring out the innate qualities of the material, and I want to showcase this power on a larger scale to express the true beauty of the material.” His artworks feature gentle curves that reflect the surrounding environment, and their shape changes depending on the viewer’s angle of observation. This creates an enchanting and captivating experience for viewers, as they witness the allure of the black lacquer and the intriguing forms that Igawa has created.

This exhibition provides a valuable opportunity to appreciate the new direction that Takeshi Igawa has taken in his creative journey, showcasing his unique and beautiful artworks that express his creativity and passion for lacquer art. We cordially invite everyone to come and enjoy the exhibition, and experience the captivating beauty of Igawa’s art firsthand.