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Masayuki Nagare: TEN DECADES

2023.01.30 – 02.28

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition “Ten Decades” of Masayuki Nagare’s masterpieces.

Toshio Noda, a stonemason who met Mr. Masayuki Nagare in his teens.Noda was a member of Sekisho Juku (masonry school founded by Nagare) and was involved in the production of “Stone Crazy” and “Cloud Fortress” in New York, and has supported Nagare at Nagare Studio. Thanks to the courtesy of Mr. Noda’s wife, we are pleased to exhibit Noda’s precious collection of Nagare’s works including unpublished pieces. We welcome you to see precious masterpieces produced in 1970s by Masayuki Nagare.

Masayuki Nagare’s sculpture, regardless of size, is highly inventive and sophisticated, highly controlled and thought-through to the last, apparently accidental detail. It is rarely descriptive or representational, but rather evokes associations with underlying ideas or emotional currents. Its great strength lies in the fact that it never looses contact with the basic creative forces in our lives. These formal and perfect stones are never remote or impersonal, but radiate warmth and compassion.