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Mayumi Yamae: Prelude

2023.07.24 – 08.05

Kouichi Fine Arts is pleased to present an exhibition “Prelude” of emotionally charged and exquisitely crafted paintings by Mayumi Yamae, featuring delicate depictions of women adorned with exotic flowers and bird feathers, evoking both beauty and transience.

The paintings of Mayumi Yamae are emotionally charged depictions of women, borrowing imagery from exotic and alluring flowers and birds with soft, delicate feathers. The petals of these flowers, which seem to blend seamlessly with the bird’s feathers, evoke the curves and contours of a woman’s body. Yet, these beautiful petals are marred by gray fissures, symbolizing the decay and transience of female beauty. 

In fact, the flower petals and feathers are polished to a glossy finish reminiscent of porcelain, while the fissures are exposed canvas, creating a stark contrast. The paintings offer only a partial glimpse of the women that Yamae symbolizes. By imagining the endless expanse of petals, fissures, and feathered skin in every direction beyond the canvas, one can catch a glimpse of the women that Yamae truly intended to capture. 

Yamae’s exquisite works are at once lush and erotic, with a restrained elegance that is both delicate and refined. Each piece represents a unique woman, with a delicate balance of beauty and imperfection, like a seesaw.