Noriko Yamamoto -Instructions for the World" vol. 2 -


From January 31st (Sun) to February 15th (Sat), Kouichi Fine Arts presents the exhibition of Noriko Yamamoto, an artist based in Bremen, Germany.

Continuing from last time (November of last year), and adding to collection shown last year at  the Delmenhorst Private Art Museum, on this occasion we bring you recent creations exhibited in Uzbekistan. 

 As in the first installation, the works embody the artist’s theme, “The world I see is only one part.” This intriguing exhibit allows viewers to catch a glimpse of process, conceptualization, and various aspects of the creative enterprise. Indeed, the artist says that graffiti-like sketches and  works that allow one to trace each step in the thought and production process get an enthusiastic reception in Germany. Furthermore, freely  asking questions about the motivation behind a work when the artist is present on site, provides an even richer and fulfilling viewing experience.

In the second installation, one can enjoy works composed of video images, acrylics, styrofoam, and clay.

We welcome you to come peruse the collection.