Modern Prints by 5 Artists


Kouichi Fine Arts features an exhibition of modern prints by five artists : Nana Ando, Hideki Kimura, Jun Tanaka, Norio Nakaji, and Hiroaki Hamada.

Inspired by American pop art images of the 1960s, these five utilize silkscreen  and a photoengraving method.

Not confined to printing on flat surfaces of paper, they have shown pieces printed on various textiles large and small, at times joined  together to form large-scale creations.  Aspiring for a constantly innovative take on the print medium, they have offered art with endless possibilities.

This exhibition surveys a range of work from each artist spanning three decades—the 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s—thereby allowing viewers to appreciate the change and progression.

Furthermore, our gallery plans to present the subsequent productions of each of these five in turn. We welcome you to look forward to the launch of “Exhibition of Modern Prints by Five Artists.”