Yoshimi Okuda (1931-2011) was a Japanese contemporary artist. Okuda was an artist who followed the trends of neo-Dada, minimalism, and abstract expressionism, he had a strong influence on various contemporary artists. Okuda produced a wide variety of works, such as works that are painted in different colors and those that are drawn in a single color. Yoshimi Okuda was an artist who makes you feel the trend of  contemporary art since the 1960s.
Yoshimi Okuda has participated in important exhibitions and movements that have made a name for himself in the history of contemporary art in Japan. He has demonstrated his talent in 3D works, but his main activity was painting. A painting that expresses the absence of things from the 1960s. He pursued his own expression while responding to the trends of the times, such as works with preconceived ideas in the 1970s. Yoshimi Okuda’s paintings are colorful yet rich.