Mayumi Yamae -Pursuing Scattering Flowers-


Kouichi Fine Arts presents “Mayumi Yamae Exhibition- Pursuing Scattering Flowers.”

Perhaps those flowers are women.

Exploring the possibilities of oils to their furthest limits, Mayumi Yamae’s paintings conveys a soft, clinging beauty like a woman’s clear, white skin.

“Pursuing Scattering Flowers.”

Complicated flowers, like a mix of pride and impatience. Like an aging and mature woman who still slightly clings to a feminine element within herself.

These beautiful flowers, however, are not brittle, and are even fragrant.

Seeming to juxtapose beauty and ugliness, Mayumi Yamae’s work certainly evokes a ray of both hope and disquiet.

Blooming and spreading gloriously before they scatter away, these flowers may well know of a future life yet to come.