Mari Kuroda exhibition - recollection-


We present “ Mari Kuroda exhibition – recollection-“  from January 23 (Sat) to February 10 (Wed) , 2010.

Featured are 18 works with  a still-life theme.

Note from the Artist:

I depict things from my memories—possessions of people close to me, my own things, things that catch my interest.  

These include all kinds of  things, like   the straw hat that my niece used and my younger sister had carefully woven, the persimmons from my parents’ garden that I ate as a child. Sometimes a certain thing  suddenly resurrects  a matter I had completely forgotten, other times a thing appears as the result of  sudden recollection. These  kinds of moments become “sparks,”  triggers for me to paint a picture.

 RECOLLECT (Recalled memory)  leads the brushwork to RE-COLLECT (paint a picture), thus creating a work of art.

Focusing on interesting features  like shapes and colors of things in my memory, I paint on panels covered in Japanese paper or silk  using acrylics or pigments.

It is my wish that as one views these paintings that take my personal recollections as their point of departure, their own personal RECOLLECTION is born  and enters a dialogue with mine.   Mari Kuroda