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Takeshi Igawa: urushi

2012.01.28 – 02.10

The exhibit “Takeshi Igawa: Lacquer” runs from January 28th (Sat) to February 10th (Fri) 2012.

Note from the Artist:
Like soil which cannot by itself be formed into a shape, lacquer’s construction must be examined from a physical dimension. Lacquer is about polish, and its mode of expression must be assessed from a visual standpoint. One may say that in artistic expression, materials and process must be, in essence, free. However, it is not simple to find one’s own expression amid the countless possibilities. A “craft” is pure in terms of material. While dealing with one particular material known as lacquer, one faces the aforementioned physical and visual aspects, and gathers the seeds of an idea. A surface finished with roiro lacquer has an enticing appeal. Even for pieces that I form and polish myself, there are times when I won’t let them out of my hands and feel the hands of others. I believe in those times the lacquer’s presence and physicality in the piece stand out.

This is my first personal exhibition in Osaka. I welcome you to come and view the works.