Twist a cat Koji Okuda

Koji Okuda creates a plastic support with a 3D printer and combines these parts to create a piece. However, Okuda’s humorous work called “twisted cat” is a mere humorous work, and it is not just a matter of painting and assembling the supports printed with a 3D printer. He begged the Buddhist teacher to make the “lively” eyes of the cat. In fact, it’s a tremendously elaborate piece that takes a quite long time. In this exhibition, we exhibit works of new collaboration with Nobuko Sugio. In addition, in order to make a work that matches the outlet called “Cat warps”, he acquired electrical work qualification. Originally, he is also a ikebana artist of Saga Goryu. His work is very dexterous and versatile, and at the same time, Okuda’s ever-changing challenges and supple sensibilities bring surprise and healing to viewers.