Have you ever remembered when you were little?  If you have, you might have a memory of when you were excited about the expectations of the unknown and had nothing to do with prejudice, rhetoric, or stereotypes.  By gaining experience over time, knowing doubts, and being able to predict the outcome of actions, daily surprises and emotions diminish.  That’s what it means to be an adult.  That is why it is possible to anticipate danger and avoid it, but at the same time, we may have lost the childhood innocence we had when we were children.  I’ve heard stories of losing something and gaining something, but to be honest, there is something that I don’t want to lose even if I gain something else.  In my case, I want to keep having a piece of my childhood innocence, and I complete that feeling through the act of painting.  Rather than I myself paints, a very pure part of me that exists in my memory paints.  The very pure existence established in my memory is NENE, the creator of this series of artworks.  What is important in my creation is not I myself who has a real life, but the remake of the childhood innocence by NENE established inside of me.